States and cities are struggling to find creative and sustainable solutions to mobility and getting people around efficiently. As transportation needs and sprawling urban areas continue to grow, we have begun to ask how we can improve how we move people with less congestion and less impact to our environment. Technology and the demand for continuous connectivity are driving leaders to concepts and paradigm shifts including “smart cities”.

MPACT realizes that the changing demands from the diversity of solutions to integrated mobility will shift how municipal officials, urban planners, developers, and transportation hubs will deliver and execute solutions. The challenge is defining what these solutions should look like and the timing to make them available with maximum benefit while simultaneously improving quality of life.

MPACT Strategic Consulting assists with public and private sector engagement to identify, design, and implement mobility and transportation needs that maximize public benefit and integrates technology needs to maximize the user experience. This shift affects industries of all sorts from insurance, energy, healthcare to various inter-modal transportation partners. The MPACT team focuses on how to develop strategies, planning, operations, community involvement and implementations to provide connected and integrated mobility solutions to meet the needs of municipalities.

By creating solutions for communities and service providers, our team can conduct research to analyze the specific needs, assessments, demographic differences, economic development requirements, and policies in order to prioritize how to expand and improve their public-transit networks.