MPACT Construction Services is our most recent venture addressing the needs of our clients for construction services and management of infrastructure and commercial projects. Whether large and complex, or small and critical, we provide a team that focuses on delivering quality construction, reconstruction and repairs of your project, on-time and safely. Our background in emergency management, recovery, and resiliency extends our capabilities to understand the complex and regulatory requirements for building and construction in a more resilient and sustainable environment. We leverage our federal 8(a) small business status to focus on public infrastructure and critical assets, however we are adept and skilled at providing solutions to private and commercial clients.

Progressing towards a customer and industry focused approach, MPACT’s core planning and management competencies are augmented through strategic alliances with heavy civil general contractors possessing over thirty years of construction experience, a HUB Zone Mentor, and other large general contractors and trades that we work with to safely meet and complete the project, on-time and within budget. MPACT constructs and rebuilds for you!

Where MPACT Focuses in Construction

  • Program Management
  • Industrial and Building Construction
  • Government Construction
  • Mitigation and Resiliency
  • Vendor Oversight & Management
  • Safety Inspections
  • Labor Compliance
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Program Monitoring
  • Cost Reasonableness